IMG 0771Visit Earthkeeper Farm

We would like everyone to get a little closer to the food they are eating, see how it’s produced, and visit our old friend Mother Nature. This is why we welcome visitors.

If you are coming as an individual or family, the best time to come is during our monthly ‘Second Sunday Potlucks.’ If you are part of a school group, business, or other group that would like to have a private tour, we can do that as well. Please contact Rachelle to make arrangements..

Second Sunday Potlucks
The second Sunday of each month, from June through October, we have a farm potluck starting at 5:00pm. This is open to CSA members, non-members, and all food and farm lovin’ people. Bring a dish to pass. There are normally a few vegetarian and vegan dishes at the gathering. We will dinner at the picnic tables next to the field under the big maple tree, or in the barn kitchen if its too cold or rainy. We normally do a farm tour after dinner; around 6 or 6:30 and you are welcome to come to the tour and not the dinner and visa versa. Watch for special events to take place before the potluck, such as classes, work times, or special projects.

When visiting the farm, please bring a jacket if its cool, a sunhat in the summer, shoes that can get dirty, and maybe some water and snacks. The farm has all the normal hazards of the outdoors and farms. There are bees, bugs, rock, ruts, barnyard animals, lots of dirt, and countless other hazards. Please take personal responsibility for yourself and your group when visiting the farm.

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