Earthkeeper Farms enjoy sharing the experience of farming and working with the Earth. We love volunteers!


Day Volunteer
If would like to come out for a day or part of the day, the best time to come would be during Monday or Friday harvests. See the events calendar for times and dates. If you have specific skills you would like to contribute to the farm, please contact Rachelle.

CSA Work Share
If you are looking for an extended volunteer experience, we have a CSA work share program. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for all the details.

Live-In Work Exchange
If you would like to live and volunteer on the farm for a couple weeks to a couple months, check out the Live-In Work Exchange page.

Volunteer Information
Volunteers should come ready for some hard work. Please bring a water bottle, sun hat, gloves (if you like), snacks, and clothing for the weather. Many times, the farm is windier then other areas. The weather can change at anytime. Most tasks are in the field, in full sun, so please cover up skin and/or wear sunscreen. When coming out to volunteer, keep in mind there is a lot of bending, squating, and lifting. Please know your own limits, and tell us if you do not feel comfortable with a task. The farm has all the normal hazards of the outdoors and farms. There are bees, bugs, rock, ruts, sharp tools, lots of dirt, and countless other hazards. Please take personal responsibility for yourself and your family when visiting the farm. Now that you are thoroughly frightened of coming, please know that volunteering is very pleasant, rewarding, and educational experience. And we will be very happy to see you!

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